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Q:  How far is the MARINA from your homes?
    A: Sugarloaf Marina is next door.  No other homes at Shasta are 
        closer.  See "Marina, Map & Info"

Q:  Where is the BOAT RAMP?
    A: There are several boat ramps.  The closest is next door at the marina.  If lake is low then you have to                drive about 1/3 mile (also very close)

Q:  Do you allow PETS?
    A:  Yes, but only by exception and approved by the owners as we want to 
          keep the homes very nice.  We charge $95 extra per pet for your stay.

Q:  How do you RESERVE one of the two houses?
    A:  Many different ways. 
            1. VRBO (preferred, easiest and lowest price of the on line sites)....85% of our customers use
            2. AirBnB or Tripadvisor
            3. Call us, Text us or e-mail us.  Lori at 925-200-6934.  loriraun@comcast.net

Q:  Do you accept CREDIT CARDS or Check?
    A:   Credit Cards....all 3 above
    A:   Personal Check....only #3 above
    A:   Venmo....only #3 above

Q:  Do you have a GARAGE for my boat or car?
    A:  No.  Although we do have garages, we have our personal belongings in them.  
          The neighborhood and marina is safe.  No need for garages.

Q:  How far from REDDING are the two houses?
    A:  Easy 25 minute drive

Q:  Do you rent all YEAR AROUND?
    A:  Yes.  See our "Calendar/Rates/Contact" page on this site for current availability

Q:  Do you allow SMOKING in the house?
    A:  NO.  Smoking Allowed inside.

Q:  What do you furnish and PROVIDE?
    A:  We try to take care of everything except Food, your clothing and your personal items.

Q:  How much is required to RE$ERVE a place?
    A:  50% of the total cost

Q:  Do you require a CONTRACT?
    A:  Yes a simple 2 page form that we will send you.  To protect us and you and avoid misunderstandings.                  Note:  We have never had to use it as we have great guests.

Q:  Where can I find REVIEWS on your houses and you as hosts?
    A:  There are over 75 reviews on the "Reviews" page of this web site.  
         You can also see them on VRBO.

Q:  Do you require a security DEPOSIT?
    A:  Yes.  $500.   Note: we have not had to keep one as we have wonderful guests.

Q:  Is this a great place for a LOUD PARTY?
    A:  No.  Sorry.  You can have a great time...but not a loud party.   Sound travels too far and the neighbors will           not tolerate.  I recommend a houseboat.

Q:  How are your homes for WHEELCHAIRS?
    A:  The main floor of Retreat 1 is easy to get to from a car.  Unfortunately the bathroom doors and space in              bathroom does not provide much room.

Q:  What are the VIEWS of?
    A:  These two homes have the best views in all of Shasta.  They look out at the lake, 
          mountains and frequent wildlife.  Trust me....you can't beat this.  See the "Reviews".

Q:  Do you have a WASHER and DRYER?
    A:  Yes

Q:  How soon do you return the security deposit?
    A:  We try to release within 24 hours.  This is our intent.

Q:  Are there STORES nearby?
    A:  Yes.  2-3 miles to local store in Lakehead.  25 miles to Costco, Safeway and more in Redding

Q: Is there SNOW on the ground in the winter?
    A:  Rarely.  Although we are up in the mountains and you will love it, if you want a cabin in the snow....we                 prefer you stay somewhere else as we do not want you to be disappointed.

Q:  Is there SNOW SKIING or tubing?
    A:  Yes at Mt. Shasta about 45 minutes away.

Q:  How far in advance should we BOOK?
    A:  Summer:               1 year (these two house are the first two at Shasta to book up)
    A:  Spring/Fall:           3-6 Months
    A:  Winter Holidays:   3-6 Months
    A:  Winter:                  With short notice many times

Q:  How much does it COST?
    A: Ranges from $175 a night to $550 a night depending on the time of the year
    A: Ranges from $999 a week to $2950 a week depending on the time of the year
        Plus $500 refundable deposit, lodging tax which is 10%, and cleaning of $150

Q:  Do you have a place to PARK a BOAT?
    A: Yes.  Although we have room, we highly recommend you book a slip at Sugarloaf Marina for your stay.          $25 a day.  This is what we do.

    A:  Yes at both houses.  Good strong units.  You will not be warm inside.

Q:  Do you have INTERNET?
    A:  Yes.  Not as fast as at home....but it works.

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