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Shasta Lake Fishing
Lake Shasta offers great fishing year-round

German Browns, Crappie, and Catfish

German Browns, Kamloop, Rainbows, Bass and Catfish

Bass, Catfish and Crappie

Bass, Catfish and Crappie, Bass

Large mouth, small mouth and spotted bass are the three types in Shasta. Limit is 5 in any combination and not under 12 inches long. Popular baits are minnows and night crawlers. Popular lures are threadfin, shad, rubber worms and lures that look like crawfish. Bass like rocky points where streams enter the lake and submerged vegetation like that found in coves.  Bass fishing is a favorite at Shasta Lake.

Brown Bullhead, Channel and White are the three types in Shasta Lake. There is no limit. Baits for "cats" are worms, minnows, chicken livers, sardines, and anchovies and dead shad. Areas good for Cat fishing are Squaw Creek, Little Squaw Creek west of the Dam, Salt Creek and any mouth of the creeks after a warm storm in the spring and in winter. The night seems to be the best time to fish for the "cats".

You will find black and white Crappie in Shasta Lake. Limit is 25. Fish with mini jigs in the colors of yellow and white, minnows are good too. You will find crappie under structures and docks throughout the lake. Crappies like to hang around lighted docks at night.  Great fishing.

Trout & Salmon
Rainbow, German Brown and Kamloop are the types in Shasta. These are the most abundant fish in Shasta Lake. Limit is 5 in any combination. They may not be fished for at night. Marshmallow and salmon egg in combination or live minnows placed on a leader 2 to 3 ft. below a bobber is best. Popular lures are Thinfins in all colors, Kastmasters, Rebels, Flatfish in Z-Ror or X-5 Rapalas and Z-Rays. Trolling depth is 30-70 ft. Except in the summer when trout move to deeper and cooler waters. German Browns are found on the McCloud from Turntable to Hirz Bay. Some good spots for rainbow are the Sacramento area, Dry Fork Inlet, Little Squaw Creek, Backbone Creek and near the Dam. Land locked Kokanee Salmon are fished the same and have the same limit as Trout.

To fish on Shasta Lake a license is required for all persons 16 years and older.  Enjoy Fishing at Shasta Lake.

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March 29, 2018 REPORT:   Both the trout and bass fishing remained very good this past week. The water temperatures are hovering around 50 degrees, but it hasn’t hurt the bite at all for this time of the year. Trout fishing remains very good and most of the trout are either being caught up high in the river arms, or down in the main body of the lake. The browns have made their way back into the main lake after spawning this fall/winter. The trout fishing should remain very good, especially with some stable weather patterns in the forecast.